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A platform game created by me, Brecht Lecluyse (Programmers), Stijn Grooten and Jason Voet (Artists).
We where assigned with a random subject and ours was "Timer and Death".
You are a small robot that falls from his assembly line, the robots where designed with only one purpose "Eliminate everything". But the only way he can achieve this is to blow himself up.
The hard part of the game is that the player needs to use himself to progress trough the game.
As you can see in the video, everytime the player resets/explodes himself his clone is spawned back to help him complete the puzzle.
You can find to binaries down below if you want to try it yourself.


  • XNA


  • C#

We recommend using an Xbox Controller to play this game. But it's also playable with the keyboard.

Download BinDownload Binaries


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