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A game prototype that was entirely created by myself. I came up with diffrent mechanics on how a top-down exploration-horror game could look like.
All the sounds where free and copy-right free to use but I still like to give credit to their specific owners.
This is one of my favorite proto-types I made and I know there are more mechanics to be found inside this game.
For example:
  • Give the player more ways to defend himself.
  • New enemies, with other abilities.
  • Distraction lights, that lure the player into the wrong direction.
  • Spawning fighting minions
I could go on with this list more in depth but, I rather try them out instead of summing them up.
I started this project again from scratch in Unreal 4 but, due lack of time the project is still unfinished.


  • Unity


  • C#

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