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Programming Course


Above you can find the powerpoint that I used to teach the new students in DAE some basics of programming in C++.
I cover more than just the basics but we did not get to that point.
They already had a hard time creating a project in Visual Studio.
Some topics of the course covers are:
  • Code Layout
  • Creating a Project
  • Variables
  • Selections
  • Methods
  • Classes and Objects
  • Using the provided Game Engine
Each part has his own difficulties and I tried to explain everything the best that I could.
From this experience I leared that C++ is not that obvious and you have to explain every detail to make people understand what you mean.
I leared a lot more about C++.
I tried to be 100% prepared so I leared every detail there was about any of the topics above.
The thing the students had the most trouble with was understanding the logic of programming.
The systax of every programming language you just need to know, but using it in a correct way is something else.
I provided a PDF file with the original course I created.
The course we gave to the students had been modified and some things where removed.

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