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The Last Renegade



This is a game I created with Cedric Vanderkelen. He created the art of the game and also the video and sound editing of the game.
You can find our video's at the following links:
I wrote all the code. From rendering the intro video's to shooting at enemy spaceships. All the music and video footage is not mine and belong to their specific owners. The sprites and backgrounds as already mentioned are created by Cedric Vanderkelen.
I created this game in my second year of DAE, I rewrote the UI inside C# and C++ which you can find at the bottom of this page. The layout of the remastered UI was also designed by Cedric Vanderkelen.


  • Custom Framework


  • C++


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Some Details

Remastered UI

I was a big fan of this project because it was the first time I could work with an artist on a project.
I contacted the artist again to redesign the UI of the game to make a 2.0 version of the game.
Unfortunatly I did not re-wrote any gameplay yet, but I re-wrote the entire UI execpt for the shop window in C++ and C#
Here are some screenshots the first one is written in C# the second one is written in C++.

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There are some minor differences but basically it's the same layout.
I had fun recreating the UI for this game and I can't wait to finish the remastered version of this game.